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Dental attrition is a condition that affects the integrity of the tooth enamel. It is often related to an uncorrected alignment issue between two or more teeth in your bite pattern. As one starts to wear down the tooth enamel on the other it can lead to a bevy of potential dental health complications.

The compromised texture of the affected tooth enamel could possibly collect bacterial deposits contributing the tooth decay. At the same time the compromised dental structure could make the tooth more prone to suffering a severe dental fracture.

Even if the tooth remains whole, a prolonged case of dental attrition could eventually expose the underlying dentin layer of the tooth leading to a gradually worsening case of tooth sensitivity.

If dental attrition is caught in the early stages, your dentist might be able to minimize the relationship between the two teeth by performing a dental contouring treatment.

This treatment plan involves Dr. Chad Gubler making minor edits to the tooth enamel biting surface of one or two teeth. This will lessen the physical relationship between the teeth, without altering your overall oral function. If your dentist feels it’s warranted, he might also refer you for orthodontic treatment to correct the alignment of your teeth.

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