Advances in implant technology have made receiving dental implants more convenient and comfortable than ever before. At Gubler Dental, we use Astra Tech Implants to provide you with a treatment that is efficient, comfortable, and long lasting. To learn more about Astra Tech Implants in Henderson, Nevada, and to make your appointment with Drs. Chad Gubler and Sean Gubler, please call Gubler Dental today at (702) 558-9977.

Astra tech dental implant technology is a great choice for implants because it enhances your entire experience. It offers long-term reliability for both the function and appearance of your smile, meaning that you can continue enjoying a beautiful smile and good oral health for years to come.

There are several Astra Tech treatment options available to meet your needs. When you visit our dentists for your consultation, we will discuss the treatments available for you, and recommend the treatment that will be most beneficial to your smile and oral health. Some of these options include:

  • Astra Tech Implant System™
  • Facilitate™ – a computer-guided implant treatment
  • Atlantis™ – patient-specific abutments
  • Cresco™ – screw-retained solutions for a perfect fit

For more information about Astra Tech dental implant technology, and to schedule your initial consultation with our experienced dentists, please contact our practice today.