One of the laser dentistry treatments provided at Gubler Dental is Waterlase®. This soft tissue laser technology rarely requires the use of an anesthetic, making your treatment more comfortable and more efficient. We welcome you to call us at (702) 558-9977 to learn more about Waterlase laers treatment in Henderson, Nevada, and to schedule your appointment with Drs. Chad Gubler and Sean Gubler, our caring dentists.

Waterlase technology may be used for a number of treatments, including:

  • Removing excess gum tissue around individual teeth
  • Uncovering impacted teeth (teeth delayed in eruption)
  • Removing infected tissue, especially that caused by canker sores, cold sores, or other oral lesions
  • Removing excess fibrous gum tissue between the front teeth or the frenum (the small fold of tissue securing the motion of mobile body parts) that restrict tongue action
  • Killing off bacteria
  • Encouraging the growth and regeneration of healthy gum tissue

With our state-of-the-art Waterlase technology, our dentists can perform procedures without the need for cutting suturing, minimizing bleeding and reducing the length of time you spending healing, as well as lowering your risk of infection following your treatment.

For more information about the benefits of Waterlase and to make your appointment with our talented dentists, please call our practice today.