Dental Avulsion and Tooth Preservation

Dental Avulsion is a term used to describe a severe dental trauma. It is often related to an accidental blow to the mouth where a tooth is fractured at the gumline or knocked out of its socket in the gums. In a case where the tooth is knocked out whole... Read more »

Dental Sealants Can Help Protect Your Child’s Back Teeth

By the middle of their adolescent years, a child’s baby teeth should all have been replaced by the 32 permanent teeth that will serve him or her throughout adulthood. The molars and premolars have ridges that allow the teeth to chew food and make swallowing and digestion simpler. These ridges... Read more »

Keep Your Smile Brushed and Flossed

Did you know, if you keep your smile brushed and flossed regularly, you can save yourself painful and costly restorations in the future? Yes, it’s true! Brushing and flossing are both powerful actions that can are easy to do and can have positive and lasting effects on your oral health.... Read more »

How to Reduce Your Chances of Suffering Tooth Decay

Do you want to keep cavities at bay? If so, our dentist, Dr. Chad Gubler, is happy to hear that. Tooth decay is a serious and dangerous dental issue that should be avoided at all costs. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to reduce your chances of falling... Read more »

The Development of the Toothbrush

Have you ever wondered how our beloved toothbrush came to be? Have you ever wondered how long people have been cleaning their teeth. Our dentists and team are happy to briefly go over the history of the toothbrush with you. The Ancient Toothbrush People have been making tools to clean... Read more »

Oral Health Keys: Enhanced Treatments

In order to ensure your oral health care is in good standing, and your smile is prepared for the new year, we remind you to focus on all aspects of your life to keep your teeth and gums safe. This includes practicing effective cleaning habits, avoiding unnecessary risks in your... Read more »

A Dental Contouring Might Be Involved in Treating Dental Attrition

Dental attrition is a condition that affects the integrity of the tooth enamel. It is often related to an uncorrected alignment issue between two or more teeth in your bite pattern. As one starts to wear down the tooth enamel on the other it can lead to a bevy of... Read more »

Dry Mouth Symptoms

While dry mouth is a generally recognized condition, it's not actually classified as a disorder. The condition is a result of the salivary glands forming insufficient amounts of saliva, and as a result, numerous bad side effects are created. Learn a tiny bit more about dry mouth by reading this... Read more »

What Are the Enemies of the Mouth?

Unfortunately, there are many things that can harm the smile and affect the oral health. These things are called mouth or dental enemies. The most dangerous enemies to the mouth include plaque and acid. These substances can harm your teeth and gums in more ways than you might realize. To... Read more »

Having a Routine Dental Checkup Performed Twice a Year Is Critical for Maintaining Good Oral Health

Ideally, your daily oral hygiene routine should consist of brushing your teeth twice each day, as well as flossing at least once. This is intended to remove food material, bacterial deposits, and plaque before they can harden into tartar, promote plaque acids, or promote other oral health conditions. It’s also... Read more »