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Sometimes a permanent tooth can emerge from the gums with a misshapen tooth enamel layer or at a slightly imperfect angle. Not only can this leave you feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your mouth it can also lead to problems with dental attrition and potential dental fractures.

Patients with a tooth like this can, fortunately, rely on the services of our dentists to address the problem in a timely and professional manner. After examining the tooth, we will present you with an effective treatment.

In many of these cases w, can improve the shape of the tooth by performing a dental crown restoration. This treatment plan calls for removing the existing tooth enamel layer before replacing it with a special material such as dental grade porcelain.

The remaining dentin layer of the tooth will serve as an abutment capable of anchoring a dental crown. A detailed impression made to help guide the dental lab technicians who will prepare your dental work.

When it’s ready you will need to return to Gubler Dental to have it cemented onto the anchoring abutment with a strong dental adhesive.

If you live in the Henderson, Nevada, area and you have a misshapen tooth, you should call (702) 558-9977 to have it examined and treated by an experienced dentist like Dr. Chad Gubler and Dr. Sean Gubler.