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If you are looking for ideas on how to defeat your bad breath, you’ve come to the right place! Bad breath can be caused by any number of things, from food to medical conditions such as gum disease or dry mouth. Here are seven things to try first before you see a dentist:

Brush and Floss: Your oral hygiene routine is critical to keeping your teeth and mouth free of bacteria. If you are neglecting this routine, try upping your game. Brush twice a day and floss every night.

Clean Your Tongue: Your tongue can hold some serious odor causing bacteria, particularly in the back of the mouth. When you are brushing your teeth, brush your tongue too, or better yet, buy a tongue scraper.

Try Antiseptic Mouthwash: Cosmetic mouthwash is designed to temporarily mask bad breath, but antiseptic mouthwash can actually help kill the bacteria accountable for it. Mouthwash is a superb supplementary tool to brushing and flossing or for freshening breath after meals.

Increase Saliva Flow: Saliva works around the clock to cleanse your mouth. Stimulate your salivary glands by chewing on carrots, apples, sugar-free gum and even sucking on sugar free candy.

Visit the Dentist: Semiannual checkups with Dr. Chad Gubler can keep your mouth healthy and free of bacteria.

If none of these solutions seem to be working, a visit to Gubler Dental in Henderson, Nevada can help you establish the source of your bad breath and treat it accordingly. Call us at (702) 558-9977 to make an appointment. We’re eager to see you!