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We encourage you to speak with Dr. Chad Gubler or Dr. Sean Gubler about your options for tooth replacement if you have lost a tooth and need to prevent oral health complications that can affect oral function. Even if the changes in your smile that affect oral function may not appear to be significant, it’s important to address tooth loss in order to maintain the health and quality of your smile. We can help you avoid changes to your oral function by supporting your smile with custom dental implants.

Following the loss of one or more teeth, your smile develops a gap that enables the surrounding teeth to shift and change the structure of your tooth alignment, risking the development of a chipped or fractured tooth when you bite down.

Fortunately, we offer custom dental implants so that we can treat tooth loss and restore the stability of your smile. Dental implants are one of the most common options for patients seeking tooth replacement because they are very popular and can replace more than one tooth if needed.

Our dentist may need to provide sedation as part of your placement procedure, and we offer titanium material to create the implant because it can form a natural bond with the jawbone to increase the durability of the dental implant.

Contact Gubler Dental at (702) 558-9977 today if you have experienced tooth loss and would like to speak with us about the prospect of receiving a dental implant in Henderson, Nevada!