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These days, it seems like there’s no shortage of new, interesting dental procedures available. One that’s getting used more and more often is sedation dentistry. Surprisingly, not a lot of people are as familiar with this as they should be.

Today, we’re going to walk you through what sedation dentistry entails. We’ll also outline why you might want to ask a dentist for this during your next visit.

What is it?
As its name implies, sedation dentistry is merely any dental procedure performed on a patient who’s been sedated. Dr. Chad Gubler and Dr. Sean Gubler might recommend that you consider sedation dentistry if you’re particularly anxious about an appointment. It may also be recommended if you have a long history of anxiety over any medical procedure.

How does it work?
There are generally three different types, or levels, of sedation dentistry, used. he first is by using laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, to gently help you relax. The second is a deeper level of relaxation that puts you right on the edge of consciousness. The last knocks you out completely.

When do I need it?
You can ask any of us here at Gubler Dental in Henderson, Nevada, when we’d recommend sedation dentistry. As we said above, it’s likely you’ll only need it, or be urged to consider it if you have anxiety about different dental procedures

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